Green Villa 2 Site Plan

Green villa 2 is the largest residential society in Noida extension, with 10 acres of total area. It offers into your finances and lifestyle with all the necessary conveniences. You will get everything from minor to significant amenities with Green villa 2. It connects you well with the other parts of the city. The Green Villa 2 Master plan comprises all the fixations that can be included to provide comfort to the owner.

Day by day, the area around it is improving and offering access to almost everything you can think of. Green Villa 2 Noida extension gives you a once-in-the-lifetime opportunity to acquire a property that provides access to nearly every facility and amenities. Whether it is a food court, spa, grocery shopping, or complex, you will have everything nearby, which makes it perfect to live a city-like life from a distance of the city crowd.

The location has excellent connectivity to other parts of the city through metros and public transportation, and it is easy to commute from one part of the city to another. This Green villa 2 also contains a cafeteria available only to Green villa 2 residents. As the demand for this property increases, the Green villa 2 Site Plan is transforming for the better.

The Villas are well-connected with the 25-meter wide road between the places and the 60-meter wide road connecting the residents to the main highway. It already has some land in the north to expand the future location. All the villas and farmhouses have in-between roads that make the space look broader.
Green villa 2 has 40% of the open space with a lot of greenery. These houses are a great combination of luxury, comfort, and style, and it is a perfect blend of all the conveniences that meet any purpose and desire of the owner.

Green Villa 2 Site Plan

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